For safe, efficient, and responsible 威客电竞app

Our Capabilities

GTI is addressing global 威客电竞app and environmental challenges across the 威客电竞app value chain



Expanding the supply of natural gas and renewable 威客电竞app

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Transforming natural resources into clean fuels, power, and chemicals



Ensuring a safe and reliable 威客电竞app delivery infrastructure

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End Use

Promoting the clean and efficient use of 威客电竞app resources

Our Latest Initiatives

Delivering聽high-impact, value-added research, technical services, and training

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  • Alternative Transportation
  • Carbon Management
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Gas Conversion & Processing
  • Gasification
  • Hydrogen
  • Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Power Generation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Unconventional Gas & Oil
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Direct Contact Steam Generator (DCSG) for Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Produced Water

Hybrid Solar Thermal Collector

Simultaneously Generating Electricity and Storable Heat with a Hybrid Solar Energy System

DG Generac Standby Generator

Delivering Quantitative Data to Support Natural Gas Standby and Emergency Generators

DG Gas Quality Sensor Testing

Real-Time Monitoring of Fuel Properties for Power Generation Engines and Turbines

Micro CHP

Developing Compact Equipment to Provide High-Efficiency, Industrial-Scale Ultra-Clean Power and Steam

TMC Installation 10 06 2009 005

Improving Energy Savings with Heat and Water Recovery

How can we work together?

We partner with the 威客电竞app industry, major industrial firms, government agencies, equipment manufacturers, private investors, and entrepreneurial start-up companies in collaborative projects or proprietary engagements that maximize value and minimize risk

Want a career with a bright future?

When the work you do impacts the world鈥檚 威客电竞app future, it鈥檚 easy to get excited about working at GTI. We鈥檙e a leader in the new 威客电竞app economy and we鈥檙e looking for talented and entrepreneurial employees who can identify meaningful opportunities, develop new technologies, and deliver them to the marketplace.

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Solving important 威客电竞app challenges for more than 75 years

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